Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)
Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)
Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)
Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)
Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)
Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)

Pearl White (Pair)

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Item specifics 



Material HEMA + NVP
O Permeability 13 DK
Refractive Index 1.437
Visible Light Transmission 93%
Water Content 42%
Center Thickness 0.08 ~ 0.12mm
Diameter 14.0mm
E.B.C 8.6mm
Using Cycle Periods 90 days
Lenses Hardness Soft
Place of Origin Taiwan


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  • Mexico & South American countries: Not applicable
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(Shipping Cost: US$60 )

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  • Other Countries: Not applicable

Note: "Business days" excludes public holidays and weekends.

We try to mark all parcels with low value, but we are not responsible if your country's customs charges you taxes and duties.

All items are checked to be in perfect condition when we despatch them. We are not liable or responsible for any losses or breakages during shipment.

*The estimated delivery time is based on our handling time, the shipping service selected, and when we receives cleared payment. We are not responsible for shipping service transit times. Transit times may vary, particularly during peak periods.

Return Policy

We guarantee to refund any item you are not completely happy with when you return it to us by post, unused in a seleable condition within 7 days of receipt. Contact Lens vials or  blister packs must not be opened. Refunds will  be credited to your Paypal account


**** Please store your lenses with multipurpose solution about 2 - 4 hours and clean it ***

If you are having any unexplained eye discomfort,watering,vision change or redness, Remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional

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cool look
By Brian luedtke from N/A on November 13, 2014
they are very cool but one of mine had a tear in it , but just having one in has freaked out some of my friends
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love them
By Jessie Klimek from IN, u.s.a on October 29, 2014
Not much more to say great for Halloween use as I needed it. Ez to use.
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My Favorite
By Genevieve Campbell from Ontario, Canada on October 29, 2014
I've bought 10+ contacts from this site, and these are by far my most favorite. Super comfy. Can't even feel them. I get a little bit of white tunnel vision when I run with them in, but other than that, wonderful!
Was this review helpful to you?      
By Rachael from Pittsburgh, USA on October 23, 2014
I bought these contacts to wear with my Halloween costume. I was nervous about being able to see, as I wear prescription contacts, but these are wonderful! I can see fine out of them and they look amazing! Will definitely order from this website again.
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Great product
By Leyda from Tampa, Hilsbough on October 15, 2014
Love my contacts they feel so natural I got exactly what I was expecting
Was this review helpful to you?      
By Mat M from SD, US on October 12, 2014
I did really like these, made for a cool effect, however I could only use one due to the right eye contact was ripped. Other than that they have cool color, and fit reasonably comfy
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Wonderful Product
By Jamie from MT, USA on September 30, 2014
these are gonna look good with my costume this halloween
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By Lauren Gouldy from N/A on October 31, 2012
Perfect for Halloween. I got a ton of complements. They really made the zombie costume!! I probably couldn't wear these for more than a few hours and I'm used to contacts. But I didn't buy them for every day wear. I was very happy with my purchase. I would recommend it to a friend and would buy from this web site again.
3 of 3 people found this review helpful
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Logan Thompson from N/A on October 20, 2012
They don't really match your eye since most of us don't have perfect white eye balls but still VERY good. They give off a really intense look so be prepared to radiate awesomeness. They're comfortable once you get use to them. It only takes a few minutes for your eyes to adjust. There's a very thin layer of white mist around your vision but it's so much fun that you won't care. Also, one looks slightly off center but that's just my eye shape. Everyone's different. I would highly suggest this if you're interested. I'm certainly glad I bought them. Have fun!
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
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By shonta robinson from N/A on October 04, 2011
i love them. they look great on me. tracking the shipment however, could be a little better. for me it only told me when it left hong kong and when it arrived in PA. i took about a week and a half to get them reg air mail. other than that i am very pleased about the product and will shop again real soon. thanks!
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
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By Brenda Alexander from N/A on August 15, 2011
I ordered the white lenses thinking they would look super cool at night...haunted houses and such and I only have a couple of complaints. One of them is that if your prescription is different in each eye, then you have to buy two pair...I just ordered the next higher up, since they are pretty close...the other thing is that they slip around on my eye. That causes the blue to show through. Plus, my eyes are blue, the lenses are white which makes my eyes look like siberian husky...Not bad....Also, my eye doctor says if they float around on my eye like that, I'm more prone to get scratches on my cornea. although I do LOVE the lenses, I should've gone with something more expensive so I could get something that actually fits me well...And btw, keep in mind that since there is only a small hole to see through on the lense, you sort of have 'tunnel vision'. You see things from a different prospective!
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Kamamori Gonzalez from N/A on October 28, 2010
Took 10 days to ship. After anxiously waiting for it to arrive and signing the package, I flew into the bathroom and LOVED these contacts! They cover up my dark eyes wonderfully and they are indeed very creepy. It was well worth every penny. My only wish is that I could wear these more often than just Halloween because they look so natural and fantastic! Comfortable too!!
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Zachary Klein from N/A on October 25, 2010
I don't normally wear contact lenses so this was the first time I ever put anything in my eyes! - Suprisingly comfortable. Part of my Vampire Costume, everyone at the party thought they were awesome!
1 of 1 people found this review helpful
Was this review helpful to you?      

By An Wallace from N/A on October 18, 2010
The delivery was fantastic, arrived in 10 days, considering it was coming all the way from Hong Kong. Got here in time for Halloween and that's what I wanted! I can see a bit of white when they are in and a sliver of my blue eyes are visible but it doesn't really bother me. I'm only wearing them for one night, Halloween, and they are a great addition to my vampire costume. Great lenses, great price, great service! My husband and I will be ordering more next year and recommending this site to others.
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Francis Forget from N/A on October 18, 2010
I Bought those and I will Recive Those Soon , I juste wanted to know How Many time I can Put those , 1 Week , 1 Month??!
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Scott Blochwitz from N/A on October 15, 2010
I ordered my contacts on Saturday and paid for express mail, which included the contacts case, and it arrived the following Wednesday. Pretty good when you buy something in Hong Kong and your in the states, and it arrives 3 working days later. Excellent service, and product!!!
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Leon Powell from N/A on July 12, 2010
These are great! Just got mine in the mail today. Took about 2 weeks for delivery. Very comfortable and they look awesome! Very happy with them!
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Nicole Newman from N/A on March 28, 2010
if you can wait over a month to get them, they are well worth it! Great quality lense at a wonderfully low price!
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Elona Garcia from N/A on October 24, 2009
These lenses are amazing I was worried that they would not cover my dark brown eyes but they do. I would also like to let people know that the customer service for this company is fantastic my order was missing a contact lense the same day I called I got an e-mail confirming that my order has been sent and to make it even better I received my order ahead of the posted deliverytime. I will continue to use this company. I can't wait to try out other colors
Was this review helpful to you?      

By Ashley berlocker from N/A on October 24, 2009
Looked great with my vampire costume! covered up the brown well
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**Shopping Step by Step**

    • Q
    • I'm currently looking into purchasing a pair of these contacts but how long will they last? Are they a 1 time use or will they last a couple weeks or something? Please let me know and thank you for the answer.

      asked by Robert W. on April 30, 2014

    • A
    • Thanks for your email. These lenses ate best for 3 months use, thanks

    • Q
    • What does "SPH-Power Range" mean in the ordering area of slection page?

      asked by Bonita Hammock on May 15, 2014

    • A
    • It is for Short Sight user, You can select PLANO 0.00 if you do not need it,

    • Q
    • What's sph?

      asked by Liam Bourke on July 28, 2014

    • A
    • it is Sphere, for your eyesight, PLANO = Normal Vision = Non-Prescription, thanks!

    • Q
    • Would you take $20 for the contact lenses?

      asked by Jaide holdswortb on August 02, 2014

    • A
    • our best price is US$24.99, but you can buy other white out contacts, thanks!

    • Q
    • how long can i wear the contacts i have purchased the wearwolf eyes ones i purchased the crazy red out ones and the pearl white crazy contacts

      asked by Jared Patterson on August 06, 2014

    • A
    • this lens is best for 3 months and 6 hours max everyday wear, thanks!

    • Q
    • What is the difference between the pearl white and the crazy white

      asked by Mark Bernardi on September 16, 2014

    • A
    • It is same color just different brand name

    • Q
    • Hello, Just wondering if when you put quantity as "1" does that mean you get a pair of contacts (1 for each eye) or in order to get 2 lenses, do you have to put quantity as "2"? Thanks!

      asked by Amanda Masciantonio on September 18, 2014

    • A
    • it is ONE pair, so show"1", thanks! 1 pair = 2 Lenses

    • Q
    • I need to know what solution I can use these contacts with? Also, due they expire within 90 days of opening? THanks

      asked by Hillary on October 04, 2014

    • A
    • yes, you are right

    • Q
    • I need a different prescription for each eye, How can I order that? I only see 1 choice option for the pair.

      asked by Heather Jones on October 12, 2014

    • A
    • we are sorry, our packing is 1 pair / box, so you will need to order 2 pairs if different prescription, thanks!

    • Q
    • How long does it take to ship if I live in Colorado ? Do u have same day shipping?

      asked by audrey aguilar on October 24, 2014

    • A
    • EMS is 2-3 working days, UPS is overnight.

    • Q
    • How are these different than the pair that's on sale for $19.99? Also, if I don't open the lens how long will they be good for?

      asked by Jeremy on October 09, 2015

    • A
    • just different brand and best for 3 months use, thanks!

    • Q
    • Will you be getting more of these contacts. I need sph -2.50.

      asked by Cassandra on October 09, 2015

    • A
    • sorry, out of stock now, thanks!

    • Q
    • Hello, how long i will have to wait for them I leave in Chicago ? Thanks!

      asked by Peter Dabrowski on October 21, 2015

    • A
    • EMS: 3 ~ 5 days, UPS, 1 ~ 2 days, thanks!

Contact lenses are a medical device and care must be taken when ordering. When you place an order with us, please make sure to choose the prescription that was given to you by an ophthalmologist or qualified physician in the USA. [Buying-Beauty]strongly suggests having your eyes checked periodically or as directed by your physician.

The material provided on this site is for informational purposes only. Have your eyes examined regularly and always follow your eye care professional's instructions for the proper use and care of your contact lenses. If you experience pain or discomfort from your contact lens, discontinue use immediately and consult your eye care professional. All discounts and promotions are applied to future purchases only and cannot be applied to past purchases.

Colored contacts are a fast growing segment of the contact lens market. Color contact lenses allow you to correct your vision along with your eye color at the same time. All color contact lenses require a prescription but even if you don't need vision correction, ask your doctor about 0.00, or plano contacts, so you can get the benefit of changing your eye color without the corrective prescription.

If you are having any unexplained eye discomfort, watering, vision change or redness, remove your lenses immediately and consult your eye care professional before wearing your lenses again

  • How to Put In Contact Lenses | Contacts 101 with Brooklyn

  • How to Wear Contact Lenses : How to Wear Colored Contacts

  • How to Apply and take care of your Color Contact Lenses!

  • How to: Insert And Remove Black Sclera Contact Lenses

  • Caring for Contact Lenses

  • Is it okay for my child to wear “decorative” contact lenses?

  • Children and Contact Lenses

  • Can I still wear contact lenses if I have glaucoma?

  • Caring for Your Contact Lenses and Your Eyes

  • Questions About Contacts

  • Tips for Contact Lens Wearers

  • Contact Lenses: FAQ
  • and more......

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    205624 19 Oct, 2015 Rebecca United States Shipped
    205584 19 Oct, 2015 helia United States Shipped
    205527 18 Oct, 2015 Mollie United States Shipped
    205468 17 Oct, 2015 Jazzmond United States Shipped

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