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Awesome service and contacts!
By Gabby on February 11, 2015
I have been wearing circle lenses for almost 3 years now. It was finally time that I picked a cosplay that needed scleras, ie Touka Kirishima from Tokyo Ghoul. After a mishap from another site not being able to deliver my scleras in time, I desperately ordered these with the 1-2 day shipping on a friday, and needed them by the following wednesday at latest. They arrived on tuesday! I was very satisfied. Putting them in did take several tries and lots of youtube videos, but once I got them in (you literally have to just keep pushing them into your eye, it doesn't hurt it just feels very strange) they didn't impact my vision anywhere near as much as I thought it would. I could see a slight red ring around the edge of my vision and could feel the edge of the contacts on my eye, but it didn't hurt, it just felt funny. I'm sure with continued use they'll feel fine. Thanks so much!
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